The Secret of Our Success

Carefully designed & monitored learning programs  

With 12 years of educational experience, at RT we have an indepth understanding of not just the curriculums we deliver, but also a wealth of experience with implementing tried and tested educational strategies.


What makes us stand out from other tuition services is our holistic approach to the development of our student progress. Please read below on how we achieve this.  

The RT Teaching & Learning Method

Ongoing meaningful assessment is one of our core principles of securing accelerated pupil progress.


Our tutors aim to:


  • Provide consistency and continuity in marking so that children have a clear understanding of teacher expectations.  

  • Use the marking system as a tool for formative, ongoing assessment. 

  • Create a dialogue with incisive feedback and pupil responses which will aid progression.

  • Enable pupils to use feedback to improve standards by planning for ‘Green Pen Time’ during which pupils digest teacher feedback and act on these. 

  • See progress in pupil performance, for example improvement in target areas as the narrative of work is followed throughout workbooks. 

  • Develop children’s self-esteem through praise and valuing their achievements – especially when improving their work;  

  • Constantly expect more of pupils, as evidenced by the targets they set.  

  • Cultivate love for challenge and learning and - vitally – a resilience to failure through encouragement, praise and ambitious (but supportive) expectations.




We believe that working together produces optimum outcomes for success. We establish communication links with our pupils' school in order to build a working relationship. 

We collate the following information from your child's school:

  • Past performance and current grades, in order to gain a deeper understanding of pupil progress to date. 

  • Yearly and Key Stage target grades. We ensure this target is a minimum level we set for your child; however our aim is for all our pupils to excel their school target grades.  


  • Pupil strengths & weaknesses in different curriculum areas. We ensure pupils capitalise on their strengths by using similar contexts and application to their weaker areas. Areas of weakness are emphasised as a large focus for the plan.


All gathered data from the school contributes towards a 'Personalised Learning Plan' for your child.


Having communication links with our pupils' schools helps us and parents to assess the impact we are having on pupil progress and attainment at school.    

At Realise Tuition every child receives an individualised learning & development plan. The plan is based on a variety of assessments which not only identify strengths and weaknesses in their curriculum mastery, but also their preferred learning style.


The Personalised Learning Plan is a road map detailing curriculum areas to be learned, and the activities required to achieve a mastery of that content.


This is then implemented via a weekly action plan to ensure good pupil pace and progress, personalised to suit every child.  


Regular Tracking & Feedback on Your Child's Progress
Working in Partership with Your Child's School
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
Personalised Learning
​Plans to Suit Every Child

Our highly qualified tutors understand that all of us have variations in how we learn. Some students who struggle in an area need foundation refreshers, learning in bitesize steps in order to build their confidence and enthusiasm. Others require to be stretched to a mastery level by having a deep and more sophisticated understanding of their curriculum. 

Creating opportunities for a mix of VAK (Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic) learning styles is an example of strategies we use to ensure pupils learn in ways they prefer and are best suited to. Click here to learn more about VAK learning Styles.