Our outstanding results are achieved by an having a thorough understanding of our students. By liaising with our student's school teachers we are able to rapidly build a picture of past and current progress as well as their strengths & weaknesses. We are then able to keep regular tracking of student progress at school.

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Why do you want to communicate with my/my child's school teachers?

Give us a call for an initial consultation, we will gauge an understanding of your specific needs. Then come in to sit an assessment, we will then use this to design a personalised learning plan, you/ your child will then be set the appropriate program to enroll on. We will also obtain valuable information from your school teachers help us to further develop your learning plan and 'SMART' targets.   

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How does Realise Tuition work?

In order to design a personalised learning plan we need to have an in-depth understanding of a students curriculum coverage, past performance, strengths & weaknesses, preferred learning styles, educational preferences, attitude to learning and aspiartions. The learning plan is also used to track, measure and target progress. 

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What is a personalised learning plan?
How much time is needed?

Tutors in collaboration with students/ parents establish a 24 hour weekly timetable to support an organised and healthy lifestyle. We recommend students attend a minimum of one class per week (2 hour session). However for accelerated progress students can increase attendance up to three classes per week.  Students are expected to complete homework on daily basis.

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Our students receive weekly, half termly, termly and yearly progress reports. The reports are integrated into student Personalised Learning Plans and updated with curriculum covered, student achievement in relation to their target grades as well as ongoing strengths & weaknesses. 

How do I know I am/my child is making progess?

We take pride in our very thorough and selective recruitment process. All our tutors are highly qualified to at least degree level, many to a Masters and PHD level from some of the best Universities in the UK. Some are currently teaching in schools, others have retired from the state sector. However for us the most important quality we look for in a tutor is their teaching ability, which must be at an outstanding level.     

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How do I know your tutors are effective?